Eclectic, cosmopolitan, histrionic with a cool and elegant look, you know you embody the unconscious charm of contemporary men. Among the favorite accessories: the tie.
From symbol of power to statement of fashion and style. Have you ever wondered why no one associates as much symbolism to shoes, hats or belts as with ties? And why? Because there is an air of mystery and romance to ties. They do not cover one’s nakedness or add warmth on a windy day. They are a link to the misty past when a knight strapped on his colors before leaving and meeting the world. The tie is a banner that proclaim just about any range of moof and emotion that the wearer wishes to admit.
Looking in the internet for images of men’s fashion starting from the 30s, 40s and 50s we’ll find photos of men in suits and ties and no matter if they are cinema stars or the employee walking around on a Saturday afternoon. Let’s face it: tie has never lost its place in the world. For its style. Textures. Widths. Lengths. Folds. Fabrics.
Whether you want to conquer the world or not, we can say: feel free to be uncombed but wear a tie!

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