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Pocket Squares

There are at least a couple of questions we are occasionally asked about pocket squares. Is there a time not to wear it? And, again: should I be matching pocket square with tie?
Well, the answer to the first question is: not really. If you ask the same question to a regular square wearer he would probably reply: do you leave your house without your shoes? A well-cut suit or jacket for sure makes a strong statement about the man wearing it, but to really stand out, it’s your accessories that make all the difference.
The answer to the second question, in short is: absolutely not. Although it might seem like an easy way to coordinate your outfit, pairing your pocket square and tie is a definite no-no in modern dress today. The purpose of the pocket square is to complement your look. Therefore, if you want to be on top of your fashion game, please steer clear of matching the two.

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